Effects Of Bad Scheduling On Your Repair Business

RepairRabbit,   Friday, Nov 2, 2018

Nowadays cell phones are a very important part of everyone’s life, people can hardly survive without their cell phones for a single day as they are the most used medium of communication with the help of the internet, social media, etc. And businesses have to take care of the requirement of each and every customer. They will demand to complete the repair of their device as soon as possible or some of them will demand to complete the repair work on the spot. In this situation, you can’t accept every repair as they cannot be completed in a short period of time. The customers will not wait for you to accept their device to be repaired. They will choose other technicians or repair shops for repairing their device. Thus it will ultimately lead to loss and negative effect on your goodwill.

Even if you accept all the repair requests, you will eventually feel that you have overburdened your technicians, underestimated the time required for the completion of the repair, and possibly customers have been given the deadline that was too soon. This will lead to disastrous results.

Let’s see what are the disadvantages of bad scheduling.

Negative effect on the company’s reputation

Due to bad scheduling, there are high chances of delay in the repair work. Thus your customers will not satisfied with your work if their devices are not repaired on the given time. They will have a bad experience with your services and they’ll surely not recommend anyone to visit you. It creates a negative impact on your customers and this will ultimately lead to a bad reputation in the market.

Dissatisfied employees

If there are many repairs to be done as you’ve accepted all the requests, you might not realize that it can cause overburden to the employees. They need sufficient time to complete the task. And if you overburden them, it may create a negative impact on the work culture.

Disorganised work schedule

If you don’t have a list of appointments to work on, you’ll suffer in organizing the work and less organized road map can lead to delay in work and this will result into bad customer services. Disorganized work schedule can exhaust you as you suffer from multiple errors due to lack of planning.

Appointment Scheduling is a major problem in many repair businesses but nowadays you can use an online appointment system which may help you to manage other areas of your business along with providing you a proper scheduling solution.

RepairRabbit For Your Business

RepairRabbit will help you in digitalizing your management and making it more effective and errorless. Easy to use interface allows you to provide appointment creation to your customers, providing them the status of their device etc. The system also allows you to supervise multiple stores, managing financial areas, inventory tracking, undertaking employee management, and much more.

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