Everthing You Need to Know About RepairRabbit API

RepairRabbit,   Monday, Sep 17, 2018

What is RepairRabbit API?

An application programming interface (API) is an overloaded word. In general terms, it is a set of defined methods and protocols to communicate with different components of the software. It allows software to communicate with other software/applications. For example:- Yelp shows restaurants on Google Map. At that time Yelp communicated with Google map through the API by passing restaurant details to Google map. So that Google can plot restaurants as pins on their map.

Why should you use it?

The API is how two software components can communicate. By allowing anyone to create a new presentation layer—like an app, a website, or a widget—APIs can be used to distribute services and information to new audiences. Thus it allows the content to be shared and distributed easily. Using API one can customize the content and services as per its requirements. One can migrate data from different systems and keep it safe and secured at a place.

What all problems does it solve?

Suppose, you are running a repair business and have a manual process for managing appointments, tickets, stores inventories, etc. and it becomes messy to manage all those things. At that time RepairRabbit API can help you to build your own customized solution and your own customized UI to serve your needs. 

If you already have a software solution but you’re not satisfied with it. We’re here to help. Suppose, you have customers' database saved in another system and you want to move those customers to RepairRabbit application. 

You can use customer’s API to add do the same. You can refer the demo from the following link. https://gitlab.com/RepairRabbit/quickbooks-integration

Here, we have imported customers from QuickBooks to RepairRabbit through the RepairRabbit API.

RepairRabbit is a polymorphic application. You can use it for multiple purposes. If you just want to manage the inventory of your stores. Then you can consume RepairRabbit stores APIs.

To know more about RepairRabbit & it’s features, follow this guide.

Core Advantages

  • Integration with other software/systems - RepaiRabbit API allows content to be embedded from any site or application easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and integrated user experience.

  • Customized UI - A user can change the UI according to the need. Easy to use system allows a user to make changes easily.

  • Personalization - Through APIs, any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most.

  • More scope - With API an application layer can be created which can be used to distribute information and services to new audiences which can be personalized to create custom user experiences.

  • Adaptation - Business needs change over time and APIs help to anticipate changes. When working with this technology, data migration is supported better, and the information is reviewed more closely. In short, APIs make service provision more flexible.

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