Get Daily, Weekly And Monthly Revenue Report Using RepiarRabbit

RepairRabbit,   Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

By applying custom range you can find out the revenue amount of selected dates. Just select the dates, store, and click the search button and get access over the total earning amount.

Check total revenue of selected days by applying filters. Revenue can be directly checked from the dashboard with the help of system shortcuts. There is less room for errors as transactions are automatically saved as per the invoices generated.


Quick access over revenue of single and multiple stores

With dashboard shortcuts, it’s quite easy to check daily, weekly, or monthly revenue amount. It allows you to check the revenue report of multiple stores at a time. This helps you to save your valuable time and get the whole summary at once.

Check your finances anytime

With your accounting data organized with RepairRabbit, you can track revenue create and send invoices. As there are many invoices to be prepared and saved, RepairRabbit helps you to save all the transactions at a single place with clean and clear alignment. Shortcuts will help you to track your revenue anytime!


Data entry onto the computer with its formatted screens and built-in databases of customers and stock records can be carried out more quickly than any manual processing.

Regular Updation

Revenue of different branches gets updated by the system automatically, thus you can get updated results every time. It becomes helpful as you can check the latest revenue report of single and multiple stores at once.


Sometimes you lose or you forget details about invoices, especially when they are prepared manually. They can get lost in the mail, or they may be misplaced in a manual system. With RepairRabbit, the data is well organized in one place to be reviewed, reprinted and resent in case of problems. You usually can look in the system for invoices based on names, amounts or invoice numbers. It is a fast and easy process because the system organizes data as it is entered.

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