How does Online Appointment Scheduling Leads to Advancement of a Repair Business?

RepairRabbit,   Friday, Oct 19, 2018

NNowadays medical centers, hair salons, sports clubs, and many more businesses are offering their customers online appointments. Customers will like convenient services, and they would love it if they have 24/7 access, whether that’s booking a hotel room or scheduling an oil change. And thus repair businesses are also adopting the Digitalized scheduling system. This is because people are usually active on the internet whether on mobile phones, tablet or their computers. It’s no surprise that consumers will choose to make an appointment for booking their slot rather than directly going to a repair shop and waiting for their turn.

Online scheduling is one of the simplest, and most popular, pieces of technology used by forward-thinking repair businesses. With this, customers are able to see the availability and schedule an appointment quite easily.

Major Benefits

Streamline Your Workflow

As you have a list of repairs to be done, you can set your work schedule accordingly. You can distribute the work amongst the employees, which allows you to complete the repairs on time without any kind of delay. You can check which is the next appointment to work on, according to the need. You can get daily updates of the appointments attended and repairs done.

Free Up Your Staff

Instead of phone calls where your staff member and customer spend time setting an appointment and discussing how long the appointment will take and what it will involve, your customers can check the complete information online and your staff can work on the other tasks. Thus, it will lead to more self-service which results into fewer inquiries.

You Can Easily Manage Your Calendar

Digitalized scheduling system allows you to check your scheduled appointments easily. It can also show you when your most requested appointment slots are, so you can work on it by allocating work to extra staff. As each and every employee knows which task is to be completed, you can avoid delay in the work and provide services on time.

It’s Customer Friendly

Most of the consumers do their research online, especially before buying any kind of material for their gadgets or scheduling with a technician. Once a customer is on your system, by offering them the service of booking an appointment on the spot rather than making them note your number and call you, you’re more likely to get their business. And, if a customer calls to make an appointment and can’t get the response, or directed to voicemail, he/she might choose to call the other technician or a repair shop rather than wait and call back.

You Can Gather Data For Your Business

Online scheduling systems are more than just calendars, they enable detailed reports to be made, You can see the number of “No-shows”, “Retargeted Appointments”, “Confirmed Appointments” in any given period, the number of appointments attended by individual staff members, how many appointments were booked, customer histories etc. You’re also capturing more customer data at the time of scheduling, so it becomes easier to contact those customers again in the hope they’ll give you more business in the future. This ultimately leads to generate more sales and development of your repair business.

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