Integration Of RepairRabbit With Other Softwares

RepairRabbit,   Monday, Sep 24, 2018

Data management is an important factor for every business. Many systems fail to protect your data from destruction! But, we have something that will help you to maintain data and to keep it safe and secure at a place.

Now, does the thought of data loss hinder you to use RepairRabbit? We value your concern. Thus, We have built RepairRabbit in a way where you don’t really need to worry about your existing data. We ship the API with our ready to use a self-hosted application.

RepairRabbit API is very affable to interact with other softwares. Using RepairRabbit API, you can keep your data synchronized with other systems. Your data won’t be lost as RepairRabbit will help you to keep it consistent and secure.

We provide APIs for all the RepairRabbit features like appointments, tickets, customers, employees, etc. It will be automatically available as soon as you install RepairRabbit. Easy to use interface will make it simpler for you to integrate it with any other software/system.

We emphasize the security and authenticity of the usage of API. To prevent any unauthentic usage of the API, we have a feature which allows only certain domains/sub-domains to access the API.

For more details about this feature, please refer the API documentation.

To let RepairRabbit interact with other systems all you need to do is write integration as per your requirement using RepairRabbit API.

You can choose any programming language to create integration.

We have written a RepairRabbit-Quickbooks integration app to provide a working example of how you can use RepairRabbit API to integrate with other systems. Here, we have written an integration using Node.js.

For the demonstration purpose, we transferred customers of QuickBooks to the RepairRabbit.

The Repository is available at In this integration, we fetch the customer data from QuickBooks using its API. Once we get the data from QuickBooks, we use the RepairRabbit customers API to create new customers using the data we got from QuickBooks. It’s as easy as it sounds!

Similarly, you can build your own customized integration as per your requirements.

With RepairRabbit, you can manage multiple systems without any manual efforts and the best part is, RepairRabbit comes with one time-buying, no recurring cost, no hidden charges.

If you want us to build an integration for you, you can contact us for the same.

Contact us for pricing & purchase information or try RepairRabbit free.