Introduction to RepairRabbit

Tapan,   Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Introduction to RepairRabbit

RepairRabbit is a self-hosted software that offers automation to your repair business.

RepairRabbit allows to monitor multiple repair stores operation and services. It also helps in managing tickets, customer records and their progress.

RepairRabbit helps you to minimize your paperwork in repair business. We are serving to different industries to minimize their workload and time to maximize their productivity.

Features of RepairRabbit


Basically Dashboard means report or progress report. The dashboard allows managers to monitor the contribution of the various departments in their organization. Get an official summary dashboard and see what’s going in your business.


Anyone can create a new appointment at their convenient time from any of their devices, it could be mobile/desktop at their nearest location. It is the easiest way to add details of every product and keeping the record of it.


A ticket is your job sheet that contains everything for a particular repair. All you need to do is to generate tickets for every product. Tickets can help you to find out particular product details of repair.


We have a unique workflow to generate an invoice from a ticket. As well as you can generate invoices for accessories. Anyone can convert ticket into an invoice.

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking keeps you updated with your business inventory. Following of various items at various area is conceivable, get required inventory tracking and maintain your stocks for every store so you can arrange new at earliest.


This feature helps you to check productivity/activity of your all employees of all the stores. Also, you can manage all details of your employee and their leaves. Ultimately you can maintain employee management.

Manage multiple stores in a single place

A-Z administration of various store in a solitary framework alongside all representative leave/occasions. Yes, you can deal with your every store in a single place.

This is highlights of RepairRabbit. There are some more valuable features which definitely can enhance your repair business and reduce your time as well as manpower. Some additional features include unlimited repairs tickets, Unlimited product categories, Unlimited invoices, Unlimited customers and many more. All features are in one plan with one price. You can manage your business effectively and also you can manage all the stores in one place.

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