Major Mistakes That All The Repair Businesses Should Avoid

RepairRabbit,   Friday, Nov 23, 2018

When you’re into a repair business, there are lots of components and departments to supervise. For e.g. - Customer data, Employee Data, Financial accounts, Stock management, Appointments, Customer feedback section, and so on. And you cannot afford any major error in these areas.

Business having multiple branches usually becomes the victim of mismanagement. It leads to disastrous results and sometimes a business has to shut doors. To survive in today’s market you have to put your 100% efforts in organizing the processes. When it comes to increasing the company’s revenue, you need to be organized properly and mistakes cannot be afforded.

Sometimes due to heavy workload, major errors take place. These errors can be very harmful to the business.

Let’s Have A Look On Couple Of The Major Errors In Repair Businesses

Mismanagement In Inventory

As there are many products with different categories, sometimes management fails to keep all the records of inventory in mind. Thus, a shortage of stock may take place. Inventory control is something that should be front-of-mind for anyone in the repair business. In the simplest of terms, inventory management includes having a huge lapse over the stock. Inventory helps us to understand what you have, where it is in your store or in the warehouse, and when the stock is going in and out can help lower costs, speed up fulfillment, and prevent fraud.

Inventory management is vital to the survival of your business. If you don’t have a good command over your inventory, then you’ll never get accurate records for how your business is doing. Competitors are waiting for your flaws, and an inventory can be one of the reasons for your downfall if you will not drive it in a proper direction.

When you have control over your inventory, you’re able to provide better customer service. It will also help you get a better, more real-time understanding of what’s selling and what isn’t. You also don’t want to have excess inventory which will block space in your store unnecessarily.

Thanks to technology, nowadays you can set up an online management system which can help you to manage your multiple stores at one place. In an online system, there are many different ways to keep control of your inventory. You can keep a log of returns or adding up new incoming stock, or stock transfer. Of course, this is an incredibly labor-intensive process that no growing business wants to deal with as it requires continuous manual monitoring to ensure every entry is accounted but the big trap is human error.

So, having an online set up for inventory is a good idea as it helps you in many ways. And the proper organization of your inventory can help you in accepting orders as you have a clear idea about the stock.

Delay In Providing Repairs

Sometimes, due to high workload, it becomes difficult to complete the repairs on time. This mostly happens due to bad scheduling and nowadays cell phones are a very important part of everyone’s life, people can hardly survive without their mobile phones for a single day as they are the most used medium of communication with the help of the internet, social media, etc. And businesses have to take care of the requirement of each and every customer. They will demand to complete the repair of their device as soon as possible or some of them will demand to complete the repair work on the spot. In this situation, you can’t accept every repair as they cannot be completed in a short period of time. The customers will not wait for you to accept their device to be repaired. Instead, they will choose other technicians or repair shops for repairing their device. Thus it will ultimately lead to loss and negative effect on your goodwill.

Even if you accept all the repair requests, you will eventually feel that you have overburdened your technicians, underestimated the time required for the completion of the repair, and possibly customers have been given the deadline that was too soon. This will result in disastrous results.

Thus, you need to pay attention to inventory and providing repairs on time as it affects your business negatively.

RepairRabbit For Your Repair Business

RepairRabbit will help you in digitalizing your management and making it more effective and error less. Easy to use interface allows you to provide appointment creation to your customers, providing them status of their device, etc. The system also allows you to supervise multiple stores, managing financial areas, inventory tracking, undertaking employee management, and much more.

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