One Stop Solution For Repair Businesses

RepairRabbit,   Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

In today’s market, a repair business company needs to manage multiple factors to organize the business properly. For e.g. - A repair business owner has to look after the data of his employees, customers, stock, repairs, finances, etc. Business having multiple branches usually face problems. And sometimes it becomes difficult to keep an eye on each factor.

Don’t worry RepairRabbit is here to help! RepairRabbit will act as a one-stop solution for all the repair businesses. Whether the issue is about managing appointments, inventory, repairs or customers' data, RepairRabbit has the solution.

RepairRabbit is a self-hosted software and can be customized according to your business needs. RepairRabbit provides multiple features which are easy to use and can be very beneficial for repair businesses. The system allows managing stock, finances, customers' data, employees' data, etc. at a single location. The system helps you to streamline the day to day processes of your repair business like creating tickets, appointments, invoices, etc. Tickets are converted into invoices automatically as the repair of a device is completed.

Key Benefits

Availability of Inventory

Availability of inventory plays an important role when it comes to completing the repairs on time. RepairRabbit will help you to keep the record of your stock. The system will allow you to check the availability of stock when needed.

Track Repair Progress

When a customer’s device is under repair, it’s quite essential to provide the repair status. RepairRabbit’s customer dashboard will help your customers to check the repair progress online.

Organize your Employees

There are many employees working in an organization and it’s quite necessary to assign work accordingly to complete the repairs on time. Their availability matters, there are many important tasks to be distributed.

RepairRabbit will help you to store the data of your multiple employees at a place. You can assign different privileges according to the post of your employees. And system allows checking the availability of your employees too.

Supervise Multiple stores

A repair business having multiple branches can face problems regarding the maintenance of its employees, customers, stock, finances, etc. But RepairRabbit makes the processes easy for a repair business having multiple stores. The system allows a business admin to manage inventory, tickets, customers, appointments, employees, etc. You can transfer the stock from one store to another store and keep the records of the transaction at a place.

Easy Invoicing

It’s quite essential to keep invoices stored. Preparing and storing invoices manually can be a lengthy process. As the amount of paperwork increases, it takes quality time to generate an invoice for every repair. Thus RepairRabbit can be very beneficial in this area as it converts a repair ticket to an invoice as the repair work of a device gets over. It can even be sent to the customers through e-mail.

These all benefits combine and make RepairRabbit a complete package of solutions for the repair businesses.

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