Plan Your Work With RepairRabbit Calendar

Prayansh,   Thursday, Jul 5, 2018

With RepairRabbit calendar its easy to plan work schedule for booked appointments. It also helps you to verify appointment status. Assign work to your employees with individual date and time. Organize and track important tasks. Checking employee’s availability for task distribution becomes easy. As you have details about the employees who are on leave, you can distribute work accordingly to avoid delay in the work.

Core Advantages

1   Increase work flow.

2   Divide work and let employees focus on their tasks.

3   Check work done by an individual.

4   Get an overview of appointments according to their status.

5   Avoid errors like delay in work.

6   Easy work assignments.

7   Quick access over booked appointments.

8   View daily, weekly & monthly appointments.

View daily appointments

View weekly appointments

View monthly appointments

9   Quick access over employee’s availability.

Employees on leave

10   Overview of public holidays.

Public holidays

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